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Get free online brick calculator for calculation of brick masonry numbers, mortar calculation, cement bags, cement volume, sand volume calculation.


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Brick Calculator

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How to use calculator

  • ‘*’ sign denotes required quantities and cannot be left blank.
  • The values in red are editable.
  • The values in blue are program calculated, however these can also be edited by the user.

Bricks details:

This brick calculator gives option of selecting from burnt clay bricks having standard Indian size of 190x90x90 mm (without mortar), and second one being fly ash bricks having dimensions 9x4x3 inches.

The program feeds the sizes automatically however the user has control to enter the sizes manually as well.

Mortar details

The default mortar thickness that the program takes is of 1cm in MKS units and 0.5 inch in FPS units.

The default mortar (cement:sand) ratio is 1:4, however user is free to choose from different mortar ratios from the drop down.

Wall details

The length, height and thickness are essential parameters and cannot be left blank.

The default wall thickness is 23cm, however user defined values are also possible.


Option for providing opening in wall such as door or windows is also provided. The thickness of opening however cannot be edited and it is take equal to the wall thickness.

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