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Use this online calculator to calculate the carpet area, built up area and super built up area. Find more useful construction, civil engineering calculators and quantity estimation calculators.


  • Carpet area calculator is intended for finding approximate carpet area, built up area and super built up area.
  • This calculator is for educational purpose and its use in the field has to be warranted by the engineer or the user.
  • More civil engineering calculators can be found here.


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Carpet Area

Carpet area
Carpet area

Carpet area is that area over which a carpet can be spread.

This composes of the area which is actually utilized by the owner inside his home.

In the adjacent figure the shaded region in blue represents the carpet area.

This most generally includes living / dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, balcony.

Built-up Area

Builtup Area
Builtup Area

Built up area = carpet area + wall area.

Built up area is generally 10 to 15 % greater than the carpet area, depending on number of partition walls included in the plan.

A general thumb rule of 12% increment over carpet area can be assumed.

In adjacent figure the region shaded in brown represents the wall area.

Super Built-up Area

Super builtup area
Super builtup area

Super built up area = Built up area + Service area / common amenities.

Super built up area generally includes common areas like lift, lift lobby, corridor, lobby, staircase, gym, swimming pool, duct, terrace, etc.

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