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Use this free online complex number calculator to find addition or subtraction and multiplication of up tp 10 complex numbers with real and imaginary parts.

Complex Number Calculator

Multiplication rule:

Complex number calculator uses the rules of multiplication which states that:

  1. Product of two real numbers will be a real number.
  2. Product of a real number and an imaginary number will be an imaginary number.
  3. Product of two imaginary numbers will be a real number multiplied by -1.

How to use:

This imaginary number calculator is programmed to perform operations of addition or subtraction or multiplication up to 10 distinct complex numbers.

The user has to input the real part of the complex number and the respective imaginary part of the complex number.

User should note that there should not be any gap between number inputs i.e. if 4 numbers are to be multiplied then it should be in the sequence of Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 and Number 4.

The result is displayed in the format of complex number as (a ± b i).

This imaginary number calculator is programmed for high accuracy.

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