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Free online complex roots calculator to calculate up to 10th root of a non zero complex number.

Comlex Root Calculator

What is a complex root:

A non zero complex number, raised to the power of (1/n) will have exactly ‘n’ number of roots. 


Imaginary numbers calculator:-


The roots of  complex number is given by following equation:

complex root calculator formula

Where R= magnitude of complex number, if  the real part of complex number is plotted on X axis and imaginary part is plotted on Y axis, then the hypotenuse formed by these two will have a magnitude of ‘R’.

‘k’ belongs to rational numbers and starts from 0 to n-1, thus giving ‘n’ number of roots. An easier way to express the roots are in the form of exponent formula:

complex root calculator equation in terms of exponent

This complex roots calculator is programmed to calculate up to 10 roots of complex number. Along with this the complex roots calculator will plot the graph of complex roots.

From the graph you can see that for 2 roots you will get a line, for 3 roots you will get an equilateral triangle, for 4 roots you get a square for 5 pentagon and so on, till decagon.

How to use:

This free online roots of complex number calculator can calculate up to 10 roots for complex number.

This roots of complex number calculator requires just 3 inputs which are, the real part (a), the complex part (b) and n’th root required (n)

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