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This Coterminal angle calculator calculates positive as well as negative coterminal angles and also checks if a particular angle is coterminal.

Coterminal Angle Calculator

What is Coterminal angle

An angle when measured in a circle can define a sector as shown in figure below.

Figure 1 - Angle sector

This sector will have an initial side and a terminal side. The approach of angle from initial side to terminal side or from terminal to initial side is called as a coterminal angle.

For a given sector there are two ways about how we can approach initial side and terminal side. These two ways are as explained below.

Coterminal angle 1
Coterminal angle 1

One ways is going from initial side to terminal side which will be 360+angle.

Coterminal angle 2
Coterminal angle 2

Other way would be going from terminal side to initial side which would be 360-angle.

These can be defined in multiples and thus an angle can have multiple coterminal angles. 

 This calculator calculates the 10 coterminal angles for a provided angle. This calculator also checks if a user defined angle is coterminal to given angle or not.

User can input the angle in degrees and radians.

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