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Free online cubic equation solver from DCBA Online. This cubic equation roots calculator is based on cubic equation formula to get three roots.

Cubic Equation Calculator

What is a Cubic Equation

A cubic equation or cubic polynomial is a polynomial with highest degree of 3.

The general format of cubic equation is :

ax(^3) + bx(^2) + cx + d = 0

Solving Method

This cubic equation solver user Cardano’s method.

Cardano developed the cubic equation formula for solver cubic equation roots.

This method is based on finding a single root first and then finding the quadratic equation.

The roots of quadratic equation are then found seperately.

How to use Calculator

This cubic equation roots calculator is very simple to use.

Just enter all the coefficients with their respective signs.

This cubic equation solver can also solve for quadratic equations by plugging the value of a=0.

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