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Dog age calculator

Why dog age in human years ?

This dog age calculator can convert the dog age into equivalent human years.

Dogs considered to be humans best friends come into our lives and these loved ones stay for a relatively short time as compared to their human companions.

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Dogs grow comparatively lot faster than humans and often we do not understand when a dog becomes a senior old dog.

A 10 year old dog might well be in its old days and it would need assistance from its human companions and a lot more care.

Thus it becomes important for us to measure their age in terms of human years in order to better understand the age requirements and the care.

How to use calculator

Assumptions: An average age of human life is considered as 75 years for this calculator. Average lifespan of different dog breeds is considered based on wide data available.

  1. Select the dog breed.
  2. If the user knows the birth details of dog it can be entered in the “Birth details” section. The age is calculated automatically.
  3. Alternatively age can also be entered manually in the “Dog Age” section.
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