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Get free online Mohr's circle and principal stress calculator. This calculator will plot Mohrs circle for specified stresses. Mohr's Circle developed by Otto Mohr is a graphical representation of normal stress versus shear stress. Mohrs circle is a powerful tool to find principal stresses and maximum shear stress for a given state of direct stress and shear stress.


  • This calculator for finding Mohrs circle and principal stress calculator is intended for educational purpose only.
  • Students may use this calculator to draw Mohr’s circle and calculation of principal stress and principal angles.
  • Any commercial use of this calculator has to be warranted by engineer and is sole responsibility of the user.
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How to use

Stress input:

Direct stress in X direction, direct stress in Y direction and shear stress (all in MPa) are required to calculated principal stress.

These are required quantities and cannot be left blank.

Interpretation of results:

Major principal angle is the plane where major principal stress occurs.

Minor principal angle is the plane where minor principal stress occurs.

+ve shear angle is the plane where maximum positive shear stress occurs.

-ve shear angle is the plane where minimum shear stress occurs.

User can also find normal stress and shear stress at any specified angle. The angle should be input in degrees.

What is a Mohr's circle

Mohr's Circle Calculator

1.Mohr’s circle is Shear Stress vs Normal Stress plot (It is plot between stresses ,forces should not be plotted).

2.Plot σ_x and σ_y on stress axis.

3.Plot τ_yx (A) from σ_y and τ_xy (B) from σ_x and join this diagonal line AB.

4.Locate the centre C=(σ_x+σ_y)/2   which lies on the intersection of x-axis and diagonal (AB).

5.Draw circle from centre ‘C’ and diagonal AC or BC as radius.

6.The points where circle intersects X-axis are the major (σ_1) and minor (σ_2) principal stresses points N & M respectively.

7.To find stress at any plane inclined at angle θ, draw a line at angle 2θ from center C and measured from diagonal anticlockwise.

8.The line where it intersects the circle (P) the x-co ordinate gives the direct stress at that plane and y- co ordinate gives shear stress.

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