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Impulse Momentum Calculator

Impulse momentum calculator for calculating various quantities in impulse and momentum equations.

Cross product calculator

This cross product calculator can calculate cross producs of two or multiple vectors and also give the direction, magnitude and angle.

Multiple vectors dot product calculator

Dot product Calculator What is a dot product of two vectors A dot product is scalar multiplication of 2 vectors resulting in a scalar value

[Calculator] Elastic and Inelastic collision

Calculator Other Physics Calculators Youtube channel 3 Types of collisions When two or more objects collide with each other, there are three types of collisions

Projectile Motion Calculator

Free online projectile motion calculator to calculate the projectile trajectory, maximum height reached, maximum horizontal range, angle of projection.

Design of shear reinforcement [CALCULATOR]

Calculator Other RCC calculators Youtube channel Shear Reinforcement Shear reinforcement is provided in the form of stirrups to resist the shear and arrest the propagation

Online Torque / Torsion Calculator

Free online torque or torsion calculator with for calculating the shear stress, shear modulus, modulus of rigidity, twist angle etc in shaft.

Thermal stress calculator

Thermal Stress Calculator Other stress calculators Youtube channel What is thermal stress and strain? The stress and strain induced in a restrained element due to

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