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Free online singly reinforced beam design calculator according to IS 456:2000, Limit state method.


  • This calculator is intended for educational purpose only.
  • Any commercial or on site use has to be warranted by a qualified engineer.
  • As we put a lot of efforts in maintaining the correctness of calculator, however DCBA Online website does not take responsibility for any error in calculator.
  • For doubly reinforced beam design kindly check this calculator.


How to use calculator

This singly reinforced beam design calculator is programmed to design beams only for flexure.

‘*’ denotes required fields without which the calculations will not be done.

Singly reinforced beam design example is solved in the calculator for your reference.

The width ‘B’ of the beam is a required field and this may be the limiting width at a construction site, this has to be input by user.

Length is optional, but it is required if the user wants deflection check to be performed at the end.

Material properties are essential. The steel can be chosen from drop down in which 3 grades of steel (250, 415, 500) will be given as option to choose.

Exposure is required to calculate the nominal cover required, based on which effective cover and the total  depth is calculated.

For design of singly reinforced beams maximum moment is required to be input by the user. Note this needs to be factored moment.

Singly reinforced beam design calculator does not limit the depth, and based on the moment value provided the depth keeps on increasing.

For depths greater than 750 the program calculates side face reinforcement automatically.

Nominal cover and effective depth is calculated automatically, however, the user is free to change them according to the needs.

Main steel in tension will be calculated by program automatically and most optimum diameter will be chosen, however the user is free to choose main steel dia of their own choice.

Deflection check is performed only if length is mentioned by user in the ‘Beam Details’ tab. The modification factor is automatically calculated.

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