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T beam Calculator


This T beam calculator can calculate the moment capacity of a singly reinforced section.

This calculator is based on Indian Standard Code IS 456:2000.

What is a T beam

A T beam is a beam with wide flanges either at top or at bottom (inverted T beam). 


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Often a concrete T beam is a design consideration in which the moment capacity of a beam of depth (Df+Dw) cast monolithically with slab can be increased by considering adjacent slab part as flange (bf-bw) of the beam, effectively making it a T beam.

Advantages of a T beam

1) T beam has higher moment capacity as compared to a normal beam without flanges having same depth as T beam.

2) T beam results in economical design thus resulting in cost saving and material saving.

3) A T beam can resist higher deflection as compared to a normal beam of same depth.

4) T beam can be designed for a larger span as compared to its counter part.

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